Prince William, Duke of Cambridge Drops In On Livestock Longdon

  • April 13, 2015

Prince William Helicopter

Prince William visited Livestock Longdon today – several times – in fact it’s getting difficult to keep the bugger away……..

The Prince dropped in….. and hovered…… over Livestock Longdon today in his helicopter. Showing up once this morning and twice this afternoon the future King of England spent many happy minutes practicing his approach and landing as he trains for his role flying the Air Ambulance for East Anglia.


Agi Duhig – Chief of the Bands for Livestock said “We are almost out of Earl Grey and Bourbons. Every time he hovers over the fields I boil the kettle – Who knows, he might just pop in if he actually touches down.”

Several sheep down on the fields, busily munching the grass to the perfect height for Livestock Camping, barely looked up as the daddy of one….. soon to be two, flew close overhead.

Talk in the village is of nothing else except the festivals Royal connection. “All we hear from him is clatter clatter clatter as his mighty chopper swings low over our heads” said one confused local, unaware of the danger of double entendre as far as helicopters are concerned.

Ben Leeke – Festival Pirate King, has let it be known that PW, as we are all now calling him, is welcome anytime should he want to drop in on The Hoosiers, Scouting for Girls or The Feeling. “By the time the festival actually happens (31st July to 2nd Aug) PW will want a break from the nappies and sleepless nights. A festival of Summer Sun is just what he needs, after all he knows where we are” said Leeke shamelessly plugging his festival.

PW was not answering his mobile (he is flying!)

How do we know it was him…… well we don’t really but we do know he is currently training with Bond Aviation and we know – although they never admit it as that would render them liable for scaring the sheep…… that Bond mend and maintain many police and air ambulances. They test and train with them over our farm. So we have put 2 and 2 together and come up with Prince William!

And if you still doubt us….. well The Daily Mail is proof enough for us!



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