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The Fratellis to play Saturday Night

  • April 21, 2016

Legendary band “The Fratellis” are joining the Livestock Line-up on Saturday 30th June.  With their up beat songs and incredible Festival performances, The Fratellis come to Livestock on the back of an incredibly successful career in the music industry.  Now pursuing solo projects the band still play the summer festival circuit together, with their best known songs such as Chelsea Dagger making them one of the best known bands around.


The bands latest offering “Tougne Tied, Eyes Wide” was released in 2015 written in just 4 weeks, shows the talent that the band have honed since beginning together in 2005.  They describe it as the easiest album they have ever made and perhaps that shows how good, and how natural it is.


Don’t miss out on seeing the band at Livestock – Saturday 30th July 2016 – Main Stage. Tickets on sale here.



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